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The Steering Committee has identified West Electric Park — the area west of the DuPage River and south of Lockport Street — as the first phase of the planned Riverfront development. This area formerly contained a storage area for the Cedar Rustic Fence Company near Lockport Street and was the site of the Village’s wastewater treatment plant farther to the south. The Cedar Rustic property has since been acquired and the treatment plant demolished and replaced with a larger, more modern facility in a different location. This West Electric Park area is easily accessed from Lockport Street and offers ample space for recreation and special events such as Plainfield River Days (hosted by the Plainfield Riverfront Foundation) and the Midwest Brewers Fest (hosted by an independent organization).

View a perspective rendering of what the West Electric Park improvements might look like as viewed looking from the north to south across Lockport Street and into West Electric Park.
View construction documents of the first phase of West Electric Park improvements, which construction design was funded by the Plainfield Riverfront Foundation.