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Plainfield Riverfront Master Plan

The Plainfield Riverfront Master Plan was adopted in June of 2007 by both the Village of Plainfield and the Plainfield Park District as the guidling document to overseee implementation of the Riverfront project in the coming years.

Lockport Street Pedestrian Bridge

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A new multi-use path and bridge on the south side of Lockport Street, directly adjacent to the existing vehicular bridge, will be constructed in the Summer/Fall of 2012. The bridge, along with decorative street lighting and relocation of overhead utilities, will be constructed with funds from a grant the Village received from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity. In June of 2012, the Plainfield Village Board awarded the construction contract for the bridge work to D Construction. Construction has begun in the Fall of 2012. Once completed (with substantial completion anticipated by December 2012), the new path and bridge will provide a safe, accessible link between the existing downtown east of the river, and the expanded commercial area, Village Hall, Settlers’ Park, Pace bus service, and residential subdivisions west of the river.

West Electric Park

The Steering Committee has identified West Electric Park — the area west of the DuPage River and south of Lockport Street — as the first phase of the planned Riverfront development. This area formerly contained a storage area for the Cedar Rustic Fence Company near Lockport Street and was the site of the Village’s wastewater treatment plant farther to the south. The Cedar Rustic property has since been acquired and the treatment plant demolished and replaced with a larger, more modern facility in a different location. This West Electric Park area is easily accessed from Lockport Street and offers ample space for recreation and special events such as Plainfield River Days (hosted by the Plainfield Riverfront Foundation) and the Midwest Brewers Fest (hosted by an independent organization).

View a perspective rendering of what the West Electric Park improvements might look like as viewed looking from the north to south across Lockport Street and into West Electric Park.
View construction documents of the first phase of West Electric Park improvements, which construction design was funded by the Plainfield Riverfront Foundation.

Northwest Riverwalk Park

The Village of Plainfield has developed construction plans for the northwest quadrant of the Riverfront project, which is referred to as the Northwest Riverwalk Park. This area is north of Lockport Street and west of the DuPage River.

The plans include a decorative arbor with stone seatwalls that form an outdoor gathering space, along with the extension of the DuPage River Trail, additional paths and boardwalk, woodland and wetland prairie areas, river access, and viewing terraces.

This section of the Riverfront has been fully engineered and is ready for permitting and construction. However, due to the estiamted cost, the Village of Plainfield and the Riverfront Steering Committee has focused on the area south of Lockport Street for the initial phase of construction while also pursuing grants and outside funding sources for the Northwest Riverwalk Park.

DuPage River Trail
The Plainfield Park District is taking the lead role in pursing construction of the regional DuPage River Trail in Plainfield. A portion of the DuPage River Trail extends through the Riverfront property. The Park District has obtained a grant from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity to construct the segment of the DuPage River Trail on the west side of the river extending south from Lockport Street to a planned future bridge crossing near the Commonwealth Edison right-of-way, which will provide a connection between the Riverfront and Renwick Community Park. This grant-funded segment (excluding the bridge crossing) is being engineered in 2012 and is planned for construction in the Spring/Summer of 2013.